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My wife and I built and opened a new successful beach resort last year, and credit for some of our success goes to A&S Supplies and Armondo Jr. who was so generous with his time and expert guidance. After extensive research, we decided to purchase from A&S the hotel supplies we needed to open our new resort. Since I was new at this, I wasn't certain exactly which and how many supplies we would need. We were on a budget and didn't want to buy more than we actually might use for our first year of operation. Armondo Jr. was so great in taking the time and helping us choose just what we needed. We were so pleased when our guests liked the sheets, towels, and other supplies as much as we liked them. We received many compliments and positive revues from our guests, and some of their praise goes to A&S. Thank you so much A&S (and especially Armondo Jr.) for your great products and excellent service. We are happy to continue to get all our hotel supplies from A&S Supplies, Inc.Michael Rainey California Coral Beach Resort mjrainey9@hotmail.com
Placed on 13 de octubre de 2016