Bathroom Towels

Our hotel bathroom towels are offered in varying quality levels.  From the low cost Economy Cotton to the high end "Black Label" we have something for every property.  Generally the economy cotton towels are made with the lowest grade cotton.  The low grade cotton is the cotton that is generally short staple.  The short staple is what makes the towels a bit rough.  All the towels we offer past economy use better grade cotton.  



What towel should I buy for my hotel ?  For simplicity I will use the bath towel.  This is the general rule I give my customers.  If you are experiencing high loss and are not trying to meet any standards buy the least expensive possible.  Do not buy anything smaller than a 24"x48" for a hotel.  The smaller sizes are for hospitals, nursing homes and prisons.  Economy cotton is your best bet.  If you are a 1-3 star property use a better quality towel like a Summit or Patriot.  They are blend towels which will last longer and feel nicer.  from 3-4 stars you should use a 100% cotton dobby border towel like a Pinnacle or St Moritz.  The two main weights for the bath towels are 14 and 17 lb per dozen.  The 17 lb towel is 4" longer so it makes it easier to wrap around.  Anything higher than a 4 should use a 17 lb or heavier towel.  The problem with anything heavier than 17 lbs is the laundering.  It becomes more expensive. 


What is a Turkish cotton towel ?  In simplest terms a Turkish cotton towels is a towels that contains some percentage of cotton grown in Turkey.  Most towel sellers will not tell you what percentage of their towels are actual Turkish cotton.  It could be very low such as 1-5% of Turkish cotton.  In the past Turkish cotton was ELS which means extra long staple.  Now any cotton grown in Turkey is blended with regular cotton for the sake of being able to label towels with the word Turkish.  The same applies to Egyptian cotton. 

Bathroom Towels

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Pinnacle Towels Free Shipping

From: $186.32 / per Case

Cosmetic Towels

From: $14.50 / per Dozen

Summit Towels Free Shipping

From: $129.82 / per Case

Pinnacle Towels by A & S Suppliers

From: $6.10 / per Dozen

Summit Super White Towels

From: $3.95 / per Dozen

Everest Piano Key Towels

From: $6.80 / per Dozen

Economy Cotton Towels

From: $2.80 / per Dozen

Martex Colors

From: $56.40 / per Case

Grand Patrician Suites By Martex

From: $13.20 / per Dozen

Black Label Towels

From: $29.30 / per Dozen

Five Star Hotel By Martex

From: $11.60 / per Dozen

Liberty/Diamond Collection

From: $5.90 / per Dozen

Sovereign by Martex

From: $7.90 / per Dozen

St. Moritz Towels

From: $7.10 / per Dozen

Patriot/Gladiator Towels

From: $3.90 / per Dozen

Nirvana Towels

From: $10.60 / per Dozen

Oasis Towels by 1888 Mills

From: $18.95 / per Dozen

Cosmetic Towel


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