Hotel Amenities, Trays & Wipes

We offer high quality bathroom amenities and toiletries for hotels, resorts, motels, bed and breakfasts, and smaller properties at great wholesale prices. Our prices are low because we buy in very large quantities and pass the savings on to our customers. We stock these lines in our warehouse and carefully monitor inventory so we minimize the chance of running out. 

How are amenities sold?

Amenities are sold in case packs. The average case packs are about 200 bottles/tubes but depending on the line they can contain more or less.

Can I buy it as a set?

The amenities/toiletries are sold in individual bulk sets. For example, 1 case of shampoo brings 200 shampoos only. We do sell sample sets which include 1 of each product in a line. 

Can I break a case? I don’t need that many amenities/toiletries

Unfortunately, we do not break cases.

What toiletries/ amenities do you carry?

Most lines carry a small shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bath/shower gel, facial soap, and body soap for you to choose from. We also carry other hygiene products in bulk such as dental kits, shave kits, makeup remover wipes, surface wipes, and more.

 What is the shelf life of the amenities/ toiletries?

Under a controlled environment with cool and dry temperatures, the amenities/toiletries can last upto three years. This can vary on the product and the line. For questions regarding the shelf life of a specific product, please give us a call.

Do you have custom soaps for hotels/resorts?

Yes! For more information regarding custom toiletries/amenities and soaps, please give us a call. 

Hotel Amenities, Trays & Wipes Categories

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Assorted Wipes

From: $26.85 / per Case

Botanical Garden

From: $60.00 / per Case


From: $43.90 / per Case


From: $66.00 / per Case

ECO By Green Culture

From: $48.00 / per Case

Be Different Collection

From: $39.00 / per Case

EST. Collection

From: $85.00 / per Case

Makeup Remover Wipes Samples

From: $3.00 / per Piece

Terra Pure - Wild Citrus

From: $48.75 / per Case

Terra Pure - Green Tea

From: $52.50 / per Case

Key West Aloe - Aloethera

From: $50.00 / per Case

Key West Aloe - Key Lime

From: $50.00 / per Case

Amenities Sample Kits

From: $10.00 / per Piece

Pharmacopia - Natural & Organic Bodycare

From: $79.00 / per Case

Nourish Amenities Spa Line

From: $55.75 / per Case

Under the Canopy - White Citrus|Lime

From: $55.00 / per Case


From: $60.70 / per Case

Makeup Remover Wipes

From: $26.50 / per Case

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