The LiteLuxe blanket / comforter is an accident that changed the hospitality industry. The 4 inch square quilting pattern was never supposed to be. The quilt pattern was supposed to be 6 inch square but the factory made it in a 4 inch instead. When the pre-production sample arrived with the wrong quilting it was almost rejected. Someone at Berkshire Blanket liked the look and the factory was told to proceed. The rest is history. Why is it so popular ? Well the 4" quilt pattern keeps the fill from ever shifting for starters. The word "Lite" in its name is because it is so lightweight. Due to it weighing about half of a traditional comforter / duvet insert it is much easier to wash and dry. It is also very small. A twin is only 60"x84" a full / queen is 84"x84" and a king is 100"x84". Again the small size helps make the laundering easier, but you better have a bed-skirt / dust ruffle. There is no extra fabric to go around. I have dealt with many fabrics during my career and I have never felt anything like the pongee microfiber used to cover the LiteLuxe. I do not know what pongee microfiber is, but I can tell you that it is stain resistant and so soft it almost feels like silk. Finally, guest love them because when they see one on a bed they know it has been washed. There is no hiding stray hairs or stains on a white LiteLuxe.