Hotel Sheets & Pillow Cases

Bed sheets are very difficult products to sell HONESTLY. Most people cannot tell the difference between a T-160,T-180, T-200 and so forth. Another specification that is hard to distinguish is cloth weight. Some sheets are only 3.1 ounces per square yard instead of the 3.5 industry standard. And finally the biggest difference is the whiteness. Almost all institutional sheets look white coming out of the box but the cheap ones become dingy and yellow in no time. The sheets we sell are made specifically for the hospitality industry and we guarantee that our thread counts and weights are accurate.  We sell hospitality / hotel sheets by the dozen at true wholesale prices.


What does the "T" in front the number signify?

It stands for thread count per square inch.

What is the best sheet ?

For durability the t-180, 50/50 blend or t-200, 60/40 cotton rich blend. For a more comfortable yet still durable sheet the t-250 or t-300.  The absolute most comfortable and soft sheet is the t-300 100% cotton, however it wrinkles very much and will not last as long as the blends.

How long should I expect my sheets to last ? 

That question is impossible to answer accurately.  There are too many variables such as water quality (hard or soft, ph), occupancy rate, laundry chemicals and so forth. We have had some t-180 sheets last over 7 years in some properties, but that is rare.

What do you mean by single-pick when describing sheets ?

Fabrics can be woven in many different ways.  But there are two basic ways. Single-pick and double-pick.  Single-pick means that only one thread (yarn) is passed through the loom at a time.  Double-pick means two yarns are passed trough at a time. Double-pick weaving produces sheeting much faster, but that makes the sheeting feel coarse.  Single-pick is more time consuming but it makes a better feeling sheet.


Hotel Sheets & Pillow Cases

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Pinnacle / Oxford T-200 Bed Sheets

From: $15.60 / per Dozen

T-180 Premium White Sheets by Thomaston Mills

From: $15.90 / per Dozen

T-250 "Royal Suite" Sheets by Thomaston Mills

From: $23.70 / per Dozen

T-300 "Royal Suite" Sheets by Thomaston Mills

From: $30.50 / per Dozen

Five Star T-300 Hotel Sheets

From: $48.90 / per Dozen

New Era T-180 Sheets

From: $12.95 / per Dozen

Sheet Samples

From: $5.00 / per Piece

T-300 American Boutique 100% Cotton Sheets

From: $51.18 / per Dozen

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